The Black Opera – ‘No Water’

09.01.14 3 years ago 2 Comments
the black opera great year cover

As a society, we take lots of things for granted. Clean, drinkable h2o is one of them. On “No Water,” mysterious collective The Black Opera drive home that point with a stirring portrait of creativity.

Driven by intense tribal drums and shrill vocal splices that could infuse a riot, the group offer a storyline centered around a dystopian world where water is the rarest commodity and people still waste it. Imaginative and unfortunately, not that far-fetched.

Catch more of The Black Opera’s movement music when their upcoming project The Great Year drops September 30. In the meantime, catch their lively set as they tour with Jaded Inc (Mayer Hawthorne & 14KT) in the coming weeks.

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