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11.14.08 9 years ago 85 Comments

The L, how you doing? Long time no see baby. Nice hat you have there.”

Today, I made a $53 bet that I can’t win without your help.

To keep it brief, one of my dudes who’s always sending me industry news shot me a link to CO ED’s “Hot Girls Of Country Music.” Earlier in the week, we were discussing Nashvegas and the media blitz surrounding the Country Music Awards. Now mind you, it was like redneck BET Awards. Cowboys hats, rebel yells & drunk smudbuckets everywhere downtown…until the power went out in that bitch. Lil Wayne performed, Jessica Simpson was presumably in town since she made a “country album” this year & we went back & forth.

Then the challenge came.

He said we couldn’t convince 100 people to at least look @ CO ED’s list of hot rednecks. I disagree. I figure we can get 200 males to look @ hot birds on a Friday night.

Now honestly, I think they’re all are pretty standard snowbunny fare. The only country chick I’d bang is Mindy McCready, the drugged out wannabe singer who got national attention for her affair with Roger Clemens. Not because she’s hot but more because, a thick chick that stays twacked out, on papers & still gettin’ high and low morals? My kinda lady. Plus she got that “you can pull my hair & bang me into the headboard” charisma about her. Her, maybe Jessica now that she’s country & the chick Lila McCann, only because I clicked her pic twice. And I’d knock off all three Dixie Chicks. They’re like the female, white version of dead prez. All that angst has got to be bottled up & ready to explode somewhere. Pressure bursts pipes…and it makes diamonds too.

On second thought, scratch the Dixie Chicks. Ol’feminist birds prolly smell like barbecue sauce. And one of them is liable to open her mouth & start talking, ruining the whole goddamn mood.


Just click that link for your folk so I can collect my $53. Christmas is coming & your boy is trying to come up.

Oh yeah, drop a comment on this post. From now thru Sunday, we’re gonna specify a post per day for you all to drop comments in. Come Monday morning, I plan on mailing out a some CDs, some of these promo tees I’ve got sitting around & even some size 3XL “Respect My Fresh” tees from the last run. Out with all the old & in with the new…and I’m giving to you.

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Martin_Lawrence -_Talkin__Shit (Live)

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

Ransom – Pain & Glory 2 Mixtape


Kid Capri – Old School Pt.1


Dane Cook – Rough Around the Edges

Afu-Ra_And_EZD-A_D & D_Project_In_Association_With_DJ_Premier_Vol._1-EP

Stray Shots

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