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07.30.12 6 years ago 23 Comments

Jennfier Skye

“The Dark Knight Rises” Drops 60%, But Is Still A Blockbuster [Moe Jackson]

Nicki Minaj’s Security Stomps Fan For Jumping On Stage [The Urban Daily]

Everyone Loves To Complain About NBC’s Olympics Delay [Gothamist]

Mother’s Hug Brought Newborn Out of Coma [Shine]

10 Things You Should Know About “Step Up: Revolution” [Film Drunk]

The 21 Countries With One Olympic Medal [Mental Floss]

Drake Received a National Championship Ring From Kentucky Basketball [The Big Lead]

Tragedy on Maryland Freeway: Budweiser Truck Spills 77,000 Pounds of Beer [BroBible]

16 Delightfully Naughty Censor Bar GIFs To Brighten Your Day [Buzzfeed]

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