The Father & Son Team…

02.07.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

More and more over the years, we’ve seen established rappers use stardom to bring their youngbloods into the mix. P and Romeo. Forty Water and Droop-E. Peter and Corey Gunz. Run’s House, in general. Shit, even confined souls such as Tech-n9ne and Eminem featured their offspring on select songs.

While a select few do it simply to bridge the gap, for the most part, these artists have paved their way firmly enough to finally give their kids the car keys and let them cruise to an easier path in life.

Then there’s Layzie Bone.

On “The Backyard,” the most ignorant track on his label’s 2000 release, Mo Thugs III:The Mothership, Layzie passes the torch to his son, Jeremy. Actually, heater is more like it. For close to five minutes, Jeremy, better known as J-Bone, goes back and fourth with his pops about ‘what he would do when it came to (his) daddy.’ Over some strings and shotgun blasts, the Bone young’n proceeds to get wicked, claiming to kick doors and windows in, get high, blast people with shotguns, klobbs and techs and how overall he’d fuck up anyone who put a finger on his family. In between dropping the N-Bomb every other word, J-Bone actually reps his AK-47 ten times(!). For a kid that sounds no older than ten, that’s pretty intense.

Considering it’s been nine years since Layzie and his son crept up out of the cut, you better believe that influence has made J-Bone one gully ass motherfucker right about now. Maybe he should’ve waited. Maybe it’s not our place to say. Either way, once you get past the sheer audacity of “The Backyard,” you really find yourself enjoying it.

Layzie Bone Feat. Jeremy – The Backyard

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