Game Disses G-Unit Because We’re All Itching For The Game/G-Unit Beef To Reignite

08.27.14 3 years ago 20 Comments

Stop me if this sounds familiar. The Game is dissing G-Unit.

Following the near decade-long animosity between the two lost its luster years ago, long after “300 Bars” and You Know What It Is Vol. 3. That’s not stopping Jayceon from digging up old skeletons because he’s mad as hell – he’s always mad as hell about something – and what better way to keep your name in the news than yell “F*ck G-Unit! They can suck my d*ck!” at the top of your lungs? Aside from quality music, that is.

The reason for the sudden burst of venom at his former colleagues? Who knows? At this point, the safest bet is that no one really cares. For what it’s worth, The Unit’s The Beauty of Independence EP is lowkey banging (listen here).

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