The Green Machine’s Alley Made The Nets Rally: Nets 102, Warriors 100

03.31.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Jersey looked like they’d receive another whupping until this Deron Williams – Gerald Green connection shifted momentum their way. The play galvanized the squad, who stood 19 down at one point, and led to victory over Mark Jackson’s Warriors 102 to 100. Twenty was the theme for the night. Three players not named Deron, Kris KardaHumphries, Gerald Wallace and Gerald Green, dropped at least 20 points while Deron turned John Stockton on G-State with 20 dimes. Nets fans don’t have much room to complain over how they win since they rarely show up in the W column. I’ll still gladly take team dubs like this with great defensive composure down the stretch over 57-point barrages on bums.

Also, I’m pretty sure Gerald stared down Brandon Rush after Green disgraced Rush’s family. The refs either let it go or simply missed one of their favorite flavors of techs when Mark Jackson called timeout. I’m inclined to think the latter since David’s kids were raised to be tattle-tales. Nevertheless, good on them for keeping their whistles in their pockets.

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