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01.03.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Brianna Frost

The Highest Grossing Films Of 2011 [Film Drunk]

SoundCloud Raises A Reported $50M [Venture Beat]

Man Named Omar Little Arrested in Baltimore [Warming Glow]

50 Cent Secures Street King Distribution Deal With Pepsi [T9E]

Facebook Helps Man Find Kidney [News One]

Adrian Peterson Is The New Kirk Cameron [With Leather]

Google Launches New Site With Resources for the 2012 Presidential Election [Mashable]

Juvenile Announces 2012 “Rejuvenation” Tour [DDot Omen]

Young Jeezy On Helping Lil Boosie While Locked Up [TNT]

Indian Police Arrest 2 Men For Sacrificing Child For “A Better Harvest” [HuffPo]

10 Lessons Learned From Unemployed Movie Characters [Complex]

Adult Swim’s Top 600 People [Adult Swim]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jay-Z [PopCrush]

How To Win At The Airport Pick-Up Game [The Consumerist]

5 Reasons We’re Looking Forward To The “Watchmen” Prequels [Gamma Squad]

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