The iPod Shuffle: Brian McKnight And Kobe Bryant’s ‘Hold Me’

08.23.12 6 years ago 19 Comments


Today, one of the 10 greatest basketball players of all time turns 34 years old. Entering the final years of his career – with a list of accomplishments (and controversies) to write a five part novel on – and an upcoming season with the most talented starting five in basketball, we pay homage to one Kobe Bean Bryant.

And since it would seem appropriate to leave here with a collection of his greatest highlights, let’s go left field because that’s what Kobe’s been doing his entire career. Knowing what we know now about both parties (especially McKnight’s closeted creepiness), has there ever been a song more uncomfortable than the joint “Frobe” did with Brian McKnight back in the day? Probably not, right?

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