The iPod Shuffle – Clipse’s “I’m Not You”

05.15.12 6 years ago 37 Comments

Guess what? Lord Willin’ is about a decade old guys. The realization probably got you searching for grey hairs. So, in celebration of better times, let’s reflect on when Clipse’s first landmark release turned the duo into a hot commodity.

“Grindin'” will always get its just due so let’s dig deeper here. “I’m Not You” has always stood as one of the album’s gems probably because it’s so peculiar yet potent. The Neptunes’ board work suggests fun and sun in Virginia Beach. Then all the MCs used it to reign terror with studio tales of drug sales and gun talk. The seemingly opposite m.o.’s converged and produced a gem nestled deep in the track list. Plus the Thornton brothers, Jadakiss, Styles P. and Roscoe balanced each other out like the ’04 Pistons. Now click play and let’s argue over the verses like rap nerds should.

I’m Not You by Clipse/Jadakiss/Roscoe P. Coldchain/Styles P. Of The Lox on Grooveshark

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