The iPod Shuffle – Next’s “Too Close”

01.04.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Bad haircuts and CD singles. Junior high dances and embellished crushes. These are the things that come to mind every time I hear this oft-forgotten, undercover freak-fest from Next, which typically occurs around once a year. Upon catching this arousing jam recently, however, the bubbly bassline alone had me wondering how in the hell these three Minneapolis singers couldn’t stretch their career beyond two singles.

Maybe it was was because groups like Jagged Edge, 112 and Dru Hill superseded their spotlight. Or, possibly even that the follow-up single from their Rated Next debut, “Wifey,” just wasn’t as potent as their original hit. Or, more than likely, the group’s cooling came from an unfounded deal with G-Unit, which went nowhere and eventually left them in the hands of Beyonce’s father and his management company.

Whatever the reason, though, let’s take a few minutes to reminisce on this clothes-shedding classic and fully appreciate it’s implied raunchiness, while RL & The Gang look to regain their footing and plot a comeback.

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