The Magic Man

10.13.08 9 years ago 18 Comments

A few things happened to led us here to this point.

1. Some how, me & Suave (actually Suave & I but fuck formalities) got into a spirited discussion about how smooth & heavily sampled this Aaron Neville track is. In the end, I started doing digging & listening on my own, checking other Allen Toussaint productions.

2. I knew the track as the source for “In The Dust”, which I talked about before & pretty much led me to diggin to figure out the source.

3. Once I heard it, I knew I’d heard it before. More than once in fact. I’ve been listening to The Biz Never Sleeps something heavy the past few weeks and that’s where I realized I first heard it on “A Thing Called Kim.” I grew up on the Juice Crew, specifically Kane & Biz, so there’s a whole ‘nother post about TBNS circulating in my mind. More on that later.

And all of this was an indirect result to the production skills of one, Allen Toussaint.

Aaron Neville – Hercules

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