Welcome Home: The Nike Trainer 1.2 “Tim Tebow”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
01.20.12 9 Comments

The “Tebow’s Trainers” have always been one of two highly elusive Trainers (the other being the Manny Pacquiao “Lights Out” joints) to snag in my size. The four-leaf clover effect comes from the kicks being released with limited quantities produced in size 13 plus the downright fanaticism associated with anything Tebow-related being gobbled up by his disciples. The sneakers originally dropped in summer 2010 in conjunction with EA Sports’ naming the QB their cover boy for NCAA Football 2011 and, since then, I’ve seen my size available for purchase from individual sellers a max of three to four times. Smaller sizes pop up with more regularity via auction sites and individual sellers, but never the big boy pairs.

Fan of Tebow? To be honest, I’m actually ambivalent towards guy, standing somewhere in the middle of ESPN’s lovefest and David D.’s dislike for him. The draw with the sneakers would be the super shade of blue accented by orange and Gator green, inconspicuously seen in the Air unit and tracing the Swoosh. EA branding’s seen on the tongue and forefoot strap plus the use of gator skin are excellent touches. Then, there’s the whole “shoes with a story” angle, which I spoke on last week. The killer details are actually on the heels, one showcasing a series of years marking team’s BCS title victories, the QB’s own Heisman Trophy and All American honors, and the other emblazoned with the word “Promise,” a reference to his famous postgame speech to Florida fans. The speech transcript also shows up on the insoles as well.

While my lust for all Trainers continues, I’m glad to allow my thirst to be quenched for at least a few weeks now that I’ve marked these off the list. The cop is one that left me Tebowing for joy.

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