Saturday Matinee: ‘The Rayful Edmond III Story’

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Before RG3, there was RE3.

Think of every rapper who claims to have ever moved weight. Multiply that by 500,000. And they still couldn’t hold a candle to Rayful Edmond III. Thirty years after Edmond’s reign atop D.C.’s cocaine game, the name still rings bells from Anacostia to Congress and everywhere in between and surrounding. The facts speak for themselves:

— Over 2,000 kilos were sold every week grossing $70M.

— By the time he was 22, he was responsible for flooding the streets with 90% of Colombian cocaine.

— Impromptu shopping sprees of over $150,000 as common as brushing teeth.

— By 1989, RE3 cornered 60% of D.C.’s drug market.

— Between 1985 and 1989, the murder rate doubled, the majority of which law enforcement coined as drug-related. Even wilder? The John Thompson x Georgetown x Alonzo Mourning urban legend. Even wilder than that? Cocaine-related emergency room visits skyrocketed nearly 400%. FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT!

Fast money comes fast, spends faster and disappears before a true sense of appreciation is even accumulated. Rayful’s meteoric rise is only topped by his fall and the historic trial that preceded it. No words or description truly does justice to the power, fear and influence Edmond held over America’s most powerful city (government-wise) in the 1980s. He had more money than Reagan and, in a sense, more power.* Murder was the norm. Cocaine was an empire. And one man stood at its apex, all before the age of 25.

Click play to learn the story of Rayful Edmond III, D.C.’s King of Cocaine.

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* – The irony, huh?

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