The “Sit Yo Ass Down” Award…

12.10.07 10 years ago 26 Comments

90’s Portland Trailblazers meet your Year 2K counterparts, the Indiana Pacers, & the leader of the pack, Jamaal Tinsley.

Around 3 a.m., Tinsely & several friends were shot @ in downtown Indianapolis after leaving the club.

Tinsley’s group had arrived at the club in three cars owned by the player — a Mercedes, a Rolls Royce and a Dodge Charger. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Paul Thompson said a group of people gathered around the Rolls Royce and gave Tinsley a hard time about his cars and his earnings.

After Tinsley and his entourage left, they realized they were being followed by a gray Chrysler and a dark pickup truck, Thompson said.

Instead of going home, Tinsley’s group pulled into the Conrad Hotel, a downtown luxury hotel, where the shooting began. Tinsley’s Rolls Royce was struck by several bullets, and five bullet holes were found in the Charger, police said.

Thompson said Jamaal Tinsley’s vehicles were struck by shots from a .223 assault rifle.

“That’s a heck of a weapon to unleash downtown without there being collateral damage,” Thompson said.

So to the prison-antic Pacers & Jamaal Tinsley, this one is dedicated to you.

Pacers’ Tinsley was target; equipment manager suffered gunshot wounds []

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