The Week That Was: All The King’s Horses & All The King’s Men Edition

06.11.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

— The NBA Finals: Where Dallas looks like a team of destiny and where LeBron makes headlines for all the wrong reasons.

— Tracy Morgan upset the gay and lesbian community. And then apologized.

— Lupe isn’t too fond of President Obama. We’ll just leave it at that.

— Moby has a shocking new video. Literally.

— Tech news: Apple iOS5 and E3’s biggest attractions.

— We profiled 12 players who successfully disguise themselves as NBA champions.

— Our Summer Madness series continued with Ashley Outrageous, Alex Kroviak and G-Roc.

— In other NBA news: Gilbert Arenas went on a date, Iverson’s iconic step over Tyronn Lue turned 10, Mark Jackson landed a new gig.

— These were some pretty Ridiculous Rap Lyrics.

— College football had arguably a worse week than LeBron. The NCAA vacated USC’s 2004-05 national title, Terrelle Pryor is no longer a Buckeye and five star recruit Mike Bellamy posed with a duffle bag full of cash.

— You can put your “Free Plaxico!” shirt away now.

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