Entourage Taps The Weeknd For Final Season’s Theme Song

05.23.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

All good things have an expiration date and Entourage is no different. Over the past seven years, the show has found a cozy niche in the pop culture landscape with its relevancy and overwhelming theme of camaraderie. Every group of friends has envisioned of being “the real life Entourage” at least once. They make money, get wasted, have lots of sex and settle down with women like Sloan. What’s not to be envious of?

Vincent Chase, Johnny Drama, Turtle, E and Ari are gearing to embark on their last stint as a team and they’ve tapped the enigmatic, yet highly popular The Weeknd for the season’s theme song. The selection of “High For This” was my favorite track from House Of Balloons, but not a surprising choice in the least bit. The show’s propensity for song placement has always been one of its strongest and most memorable qualities.

Entourage’s farewell tour begins July 24 on HBO. It’s been a pleasure.

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