Theo Martins – “Up & Away” Video

04.26.11 7 years ago

Theo Martins makes good-time music. It’s the perfect soundtrack for this time of year, as warm weather – at least up my way – becomes a constant, instead of a tantalizing possibility that lingers just out of reach. “Up & Away” is a catchy mashup of pop and Hip-Hop built around a pulsating, synth-laden beat. Martins’ delivers both the inspirational verses and the hook, a series of smooth harmonies that ties the track together. Even the short outro is a positive, a little laid-back instrumentation designed to ease you out of the groove.

A while back, TC opined that Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor “will serve as your instant source for pure kinetic energy,” and that sounds on the mark to me. “Up & Away” is kick of forward momentum, a positive push designed to move you into that time of year where, as he puts it here, the “air defrosts your lungs.”

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