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Kyra Chaos

“Think Like A Man” Banned From French Theaters [Madame Noire]

DC Comics To Switch The Sexual Orientation Of An Established Character [Bleeding Cool]

Here Is Everything Rihanna Says in ‘Battleship’ [Gamma Squad]

Tooled Up [Gwarizm]

Healthy Food Makes Action Bronson Vomit [Fuse]

The Making of the New Balance 990 [Nice Kicks]

Share Your Internet Connection Using an Outdoor Wireless Access Point [Lifehacker]

Antonio Cromartie’s Girlfriend Faked A Suicide Attempt To Get His Attention [Crunk + Disorderly]

The Top Ten NBA Players In The Post-Jordan Era [TSFJ]

Usher Testifies Tameka Attacked & Spit On His New Girlfriend [The Urban Daily]

Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Freddie Foxxx on the Will Smith Red Carpet “Slap” [Ego Trip]

Everything You Need To Know About The Clint Eastwood Reality Show [Buzzfeed]

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