Twittigation: Three Court Cases We’ll See Regarding Twitter

08.12.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter is nuckin futs. Sports leagues and companies are all trying to put the kibosh on their overzealous hot-head employees running off at the mouth about company secrets. I can’t turn on the TV without seeing someone saying something stupid via Twitter. It’s all been pretty harmless so far, but when something like Twitter is involved, it seems like stupid comments will only increase, making their way into pretty important court cases. So without further adieu…

Court Cases We’ll See Twitter Involved In Very Soon

Drugs & College
At some point, a college student will Tweet something like “just got through smoking a fat joint, about to score some smack to top it off.” His professor or dean will read said tweet. Then what happens? Can the professor or dean suspend or expel the student from school for such a tweet. Then if that happens, can the student sue and appeal the decision?

Likelihood: 2:1 Kids love talking about their weed intake. Especially after smoking. And professors are all over Twitter now. I wouldn’t be surprised if school started sending out ghost followers soon to spy on students Big Brother style

Threats Of Violence
A couple of weeks ago, I was trapped in the Atlanta airport for 11 hours. I took my anger to Twitter but had to stop myself when I wanted to threaten Alfie, the Frankenstein monster-looking halfwit that made my night a living hell. If I Tweeted “I’m going to blow up the Airport if my plane doesn’t get here in an hour” could that be perceived as a threat against national security? If someone is in the airport and happens to follow me, they could report it. IP addys get matched up and BAM! I’m locked up for threatening the well being of our country. Even worse, what if a high-school student tweets about wanting to murder his bio class? I imagine he’d get snatched up from school with a quickness.

Likelihood: 10:1 It’s possible. If someone makes a serious-sounding threat, I wouldn’t be surprised if a concerned citizen calls the airport looking to save some lives. It’s really hard to tell if charges like that would stick. But don’t be too surprised if this story hits the headlines.

Murder Trials
Husband tweets “I can’t wait to get rid of this broad.” A week later she falls down an elevator shaft. Onto a knife. Can the earlier tweet be counted as evidence? Can tweets be used to investigate someone’s mindstate leading up to a crime?

Likelihood: 1:1 Somebody is going to need have to make a decision about when and if Twitter is admissible in a court of law. This one seems pretty inevitable. I give it two months.

Just remember that if you find yourself in one of these predicaments, DO NOT use Max B.’s lawyer.

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