T.I. Delivers His Own State Of The Union Address On ‘New National Anthem’

08.20.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

TI New National Anthem

One of the more socially conscious mainstream rappers of his time, T.I. gauges the current pulse of the country for his latest cut, “New National Anthem.”

Tip floats in vintage form addressing the hood’s storied history with police, America’s one-sided legal system and the ever-controversial topic of being a Black man in America.

“I was raised in a decade of hate young n*gga
Always dodging polices because they hate young n*ggas
And we hate them too, 38 in him shoe
All the changes the system will take him through
He ain’t a killer but he will if you make him do it…”

As for the hook, Skylar’s cool and could help make this a radio cut if the intentions are to take in that direction. You know, if FM stations don’t mind the “we gotta gotta” talk Tip’s preaching here.

All that said, and just speaking from personal preference, the game sure could use more LaToiya Williams’ hooks. She would’ve taken us to church on here.

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