“‘Til The Casket Drops…”

11.19.08 9 years ago 25 Comments

Words By Malik V.

The Road To Till the Casket Drops mixtape will be out soon, and “Play Clothes” is a typical Clipse intro track. The beat isn’t doesn’t really serve as anything more than a platform for rapping over, and like the other Clipse tracks that don’t have the Neptunes on them, this track might as well be a cappella with the lyrical intellect on it. I’m always impressed with Malice and Pusha T, and “Play Clothes” is just another example of ridiculous metaphors and references. Every time I hear the Thornton brothers spit, I feel like I’m in a theology or philosophy class with the way they get Biblical and name drop Socrates or Brutus like it’s nothing. Verses like the ones on “Play Cloths” really let you know that Malice and Pusha are well-read dudes. Right now, I’m still trying to get over the fucked-up brilliance of Malice’s line, “The coke that I push is as pure as a child’s heart.”

It’s been a while since the magic of Hell Hath No Fury, and the last time the Clipse dropped something, it was the recycled and disappointing We Got It For Cheap album this past summer. Hopefully, Till The Casket Drops and the mixtape introducing it will be more of the Hell Hath brand. So far, the intro does the job.

Clipse – Road To Til The Casket Drops Intro

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