Timbaland, Keri Hilson Have A Track Apologizing To Jay-Z, Beyonce

07.18.13 5 years ago 33 Comments

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Before Magna Carta Holy Grail, Timbaland hadn’t had the opportunity to bring a gallon jug of red #40 sugar water into the studio with Jay-Z for a long time. It turns out that there was a real reason why. Timbaland initially mentioned his falling out and subsequent reconnection with Mr. Carter in an interview before Magna Carta hit (app) stores. In a subsequent interview with BBC Radio 1, Jay confirmed that there was indeed a falling out between the two following the completion of his Blueprint III album. But in a new interview released yesterday, Tim reveals how deep his regret for the lack of communication runs.

The Virginia beatsmith claims to have written a song for his new album called “Sorry” that is a musical apology to Jay-Z for his part in causing dissension between the two. As an added bonus, the song also features Keri Hilson, who allegedly apologizes to Beyonce for her remix to “Turning Me On.” Since that remix, which contained what many rational people believed were pretty obvious shots directed at Bey, was released, the Beyhive hasn’t let up on Keri Hilson for one second. Not to mention, that her career cooled quite a bit in the ensuing years.

I saw a sign once that said “apologies have three parts,” but it never mentioned three part harmony. As unnecessary and cringe-inducing as I imagine this as yet unreleased track is, it is somewhat refreshing to hear someone in the ego-driven music business.admit wrongdoing and attempt to make amends Maybe whiny emo-apologies are the next trend in Hip-Hop. If we survived Molly, we can survive anything.

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