Tink & DJ Dahi – “Men”

05.29.14 4 years ago 7 Comments


Quiet as kept, regardless, Tink is one of my favorite new names in music.

A month after dropping off her lowkey heater with Jeremih in “Don’t Tell Nobody,” the sweet voice from one of America’s pillar cities (Chicago) drops off another monster with the DJ Dahi-produced “Men.” Three quick thoughts:

1. DJ Dahi is monster behind the boards. With a discography to support such a claim.

2. Yours Truly and adidas Originals’ #SongsFromScratch series has been nothing short of fun to keep pace with.

3. Tink, the singer, has my musical heart. Tink, the rapper, is cool in doses, but I’d much rather hear her harmonize. “Men” represents a glorious example of such. And alongside Dahi, the 18-year-old Chicago Cub seems to tap into an extra gear of infectiousness. I say this because I’m already on my fifth listen. Too bad FM operators won’t bother adding this to their late night rotations.

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