Top Dawg Entertainment Signs Deal With Interscope, Aftermath

03.08.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

TDE-Interscope-Aftermath was a deal that was months in the works. Rumors had been floating around since last year and the Dr. Dre affiliation just added more fuel to the fire. Although the details are unknown, TDE’s CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith tweeted a few tidbits.

I’m hoping this means that Top Dawg will retain all creative control (which it seems they will), because they haven’t done much wrong in the last couple years. So far, all four of their flagship artists have individually released great projects in their own rights and musically, they can all hold their own weight (and then some). No need to tinker with a creative formula which was already yielding positive results.

But where TDE was previously lacking was its ability to market and distribute records, which is exactly what the machine and big money are needed for. The reach that major labels have is unparalleled and, the vast majority of the time, the indies can’t keep up with that. Interscope was also recently rumored to be helping Top Dawg already, specifically Kendrick Lamar’s promotion, even before there was any official paperwork. Early rumors suggest Kendrick’s Good Kid in a Mad City will be the first release that will come from the signing, which potentially means the album should see retail shelves nationwide, get proper promo and all the other benefits bigger budgets bring.

My idealist half wanted to see Kendrick and co. go platinum completely and 100% independent, but the realist other half knows full well that the path to superstardom travels through the majors. Rap money isn’t guaranteed, so it’s best to grab it while it’s on the table. Like I said earlier, the only thing I really hope is that TDE’s product doesn’t change, and I’m definitely looking forward to the Black Hippy crew finally getting the mass appeal it deserves.

*Raises glass*

So from TSS it’s best wishes all around to every artist and executive of the label, here’s to more great Hip-Hop.

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