Spenzo Enlists Tory Lanez And C-Sick For His Latest Banger, ‘I Want You’

03.26.16 2 years ago

Spenzo Tory Lanez I Want You new song

With hit records left and right, sold out shows in every city he touches and the attention of the 6 God, Tory Lanez is on a wave right now. Teaming up with Chicago’s burgeoning legendary producer C-Sick and rapper Spenzo, the triple threat take some bad chicks from the hood to the sheet suites in one swoop on “I Want You.”

Tory and C already had vibes from their work together on “Tim Duncan” and “Letter to the City” from The New Toronto but this joint sounds like it has been melting through the vault somewhere waiting for airplay. Giving Lanez just enough space to croon through his hooks and sultry verses, Spenzo adds a nice contract with his raps but there is no question who owns this record.

Not for nothing but C-Sick is starting to build the kind of catalogue that the big boys are going to get envious of. With smash hits with Tink (“I Like”), Tory and more, the kid knows how to produce records that cut through the regular onslaught of freestyle records and bar-after-bar raps. Nobody would be mad if he put together a compilation project with some of his favorite artists and at this pace, they’d be stupid to look the other way.

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