Here’s Busta Rhymes Selling His Soul With Toyota’s ‘Swagger Wagon’

08.03.14 4 years ago 56 Comments

Busta Rhymes_Toyota_Swagger_Wagon_Commercial

There’s going to be someone out there deeply offended by Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon.” It makes a mockery of Hip-Hop. It’s corporate America once again using Hip-Hop to its own benefit, only to throw it under the bus when it’s no longer convenient.

To that, I say:

Kanye gif

Sure, there’s truth in the statements. Hip-Hop’s been corporate for awhile now. But sometimes it’s a lot easier to not take yourself so serious and focus all the negative energy that would’ve been used to disregard The Neuberts’ stupid dope rhymes on something that truly matters. Like this.

Does it make me want to go out and purchase a 2015 Toyota Sienna? Hell no, but that’s not the point. Those AT&T child focus group commercials didn’t make me want to switch my plan over, but the ads were the best thing running on TV for a minute.

Without knowing what to expect, the result was something totally left field and somehow Busta Rhymes’ role in the commercial was the most pointless addition. I mean, it’s not Bussa Buss shucking and jiving busting out Negro spirituals for Burger King chicken, but man oh man, here’s to hoping that check was worth it.

For The Neubert’s next act, might I recommend amusement parks with DMX or driving the Sienna through Harlem with Cam’ron as tour guide? Hell, Bobby Shrumda may as well cash in while the bank’s still open. Teach the Neuberts how to Shmoney Dance. The kids already know how to Nae Nae.


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