Trey Songz – Anticipation Mixtape

06.30.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

Young Trey is one of the few R & B cats who has the credibility from all angles to drop a “mixtape” and it be received as respectable & authentic, seeing as how the circuit is where he gained his early fame.

Musically, I’m currently in a creative space like no other. I feel as though whenever a mic is put in front of me, I can do no wrong. At a time in the music industry where album sales are low, fans are fickle, inconsistent, or more into the various songs than they are the particular artist, I feel that I must give u a reason to love me. Embed in you a desire to love me and an appreciation for the music. I must show you that not only do I LOVE what I do but I also do it well.

The creation of Anticipation began after I presented Ready to my label the first time. I just started recording on my days off and the music felt great and decided that I’d rather share the music than let it sit and be idle. This is music without politics, without creative boundaries.

I haven’t listened to all of this yet but the early tracks through 6 make it seem promising. Credit due to Trey’s See Further Than I Am. While you’re there, consider grabbing his Genesis material as well, which contains his early demo work. I think we Strayed it a week or two ago but now’s a good time to highlight it.

The break awaits.

Download — Trey Songz – Anticipation Mixtape

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