Karma Catches Up With Trey Songz In The Worst Way In “Smart Phones” Video

05.10.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

To quote YG, “Karma is a mothaf*ckin’ bitch.”

Especially when it comes in the form of having a foursome with three girls who speak no English only to have your ol’ lady overhear the whole thing on a butt-dialed phone call. Cue Trey Songz.

With his new album, Trigga, slated to hit shelves July 1, the timing of his “Smart Phones” visual makes sense. The seven-minute clip is well put together, despite the completely unnecessary running scene towards the end.

Who knows what to expect with the new project. Randomly, the other day though, I found myself listening to Anticipation, which surprisingly turns five years old this summer. Not putting any added pressure on Trey that he’s already feeling with the album, but another Anticipation-type offering prior to the album wouldn’t be a bad look. At all.

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