Trick Trick Addresses Rumors He Ran Rick Ross Out Of Detroit In 11-Minute Rant Video

06.26.14 4 years ago 39 Comments

We’ve heard Rick Ross speak on the whole Detroit/”No Fly Zone” incident, downplaying it as an incident that didn’t happen the way it’s been described by other.

Now, the other participant in the situation, Trick Trick, steps up to share his two cents in a lengthy 11-minute video. I started to stop watching this once Trick condemns the Internet for its coverage of the incident, proclaiming that “grown men don’t put grown men business out to the motherf***in’ public.” I should’ve taken my out then and there.

For the most part, Trick’s all aggressive camera saying it ain’t nobody’s business and the ‘net isn’t real, folks need to STFU and mind their business. Things of that nature. Since I don’t want him sending an army of goons to smash my laptop, I won’t say much except to highlight two points.

1. Trick’s video was published on the ‘net and it’s been sent out in email blasts. Go figure.

2. I think Trick’s realizing the blowback outweighs the benefits and goodwill he thought he’d receive from stepping to Ross.

Dah well. Since I’m technically part of the Internet I’ll see my out of here and let Trick try to talk his way out of all this.

Sidenote: Wednesday saw the rise of a rumor that suggests Big Meech put the battery in Trick Trick’s back to confront Ross. Not saying it couldn’t be true but it seems odd since Meech has said – either directly or through his people – that he has no problem with Rozay or hearing his named used in “B.M.F.”

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