Trinidad Jame$ Proclaims Atlanta Is The King Of New York

11.13.13 4 years ago 96 Comments

Trinidad Jame$ speaks his version of the gospel to an all New York City crowd, stating that Atlanta runs NYC musically. “I remember when New York rap was the shit,” Jame$ tells the crowd. “Now, we run y’all…Every n*gga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, he might as well tell you he’s from Atlanta.”


He follows up his statements with “if you wanna do something, we can do something ’cause I don’t give a f**k.”

Maino caught wind of the happenings and sent out a few responses via Twitter, stating “after we clean this guy @trinidadjamesGG up I’m straighten a few of u NY niggas out for being the Vaginas that u R!” [sic]

maino trinidad james tweets

Update: Trinidad takes to his Twitter to elaborate and clarify his statements before “people…take the negative and run.” He mentions how Future runs radio, how he loses no sleep from being real before naming artists who he respects but doesn’t feel like they get enough credit.

trinidad james new york tweets

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