Trinidad Jame$ On Budden Diss: “If You Don’t Like Me, You Can Fight Me”

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08.19.13 33 Comments

Trinidad Jame$ doesn’t have much to say about Joe Budden coming for his neck on the Jersey rapper’s “Control” remix because Trinidad Jame$ talks with his hands.

GA Followers caught up with Trini at the rapper’s old work place Ginza Boutique recently. When asked about Joseph’s “This ain’t for bandwagon fans sit y’all asses in the same spot / Y’all the same n*ggas made Trinidad Jame$ hot” line, Jame$ explained that it’s all love, as he doesn’t view the slight as a diss. That’s unless Budden is about that action. Then it’s a different story. “A n*gga talkin’ is like a n*gga talkin’. A n*gga punchin’… you don’t like me, n*gga you can fight me. I’m never gon’ diss you back. We gon’ throw these hands back and forth.”

Skip to 3:38.

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