Last Week’s Worst Twerk Fail EVER Was Just a Big Jimmy Kimmel Troll

09.10.13 4 years ago 21 Comments

jimmy kimmel twerk troll

Jimmy Kimmel, everyone’s favorite celebrity troll, had an admission for his talk show audience last night: last week’s insanely popular “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire” video was a hoax, and he masterminded it.

In the segment, Kimmel conducted a faux-interview with Catilin Heller, the woman who sets her ass aflame, before heading behind some curtains to sit with Heller, who’s actually real-life stuntwoman Daphne Avalon, and expose that both were in on the gag the entire time.

Showing the director’s cut of the video, Kimmel and Avalon explained that they made the clip and simply uploaded the video to watch it figuratively catch fire, amassing 9.5 million views as of the show’s taping. The two then showed a montage of news outlets responding to the clip because what’s the point of skewering an importantly popular buzz topic without gloating about it later?

Watch the Kimmel Live segment below and then pat yourself on the back if you called it last week in the comments section that the whole thing was fake. You’re really good at Internetting.

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