“Gotta Slow It Dooown…”

09.04.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

So, I finally caught wind of Twista’s Category F5.

Considering this go round was closer to the classic Adrenaline Rush than Adrenaline Rush 2007 ever was, I’d say our 3.5 Cig rating was warranted. Simply put, it’s a well-rounded mix of the two styles Twista’s consistently flourished from throughout his six studio releases; double-time po’ pimpin’ R&B jams and rapid-fire lyrical execution.

Since I throw down pillows more than I throw down, personally, I’m typically partial to the sappy stuff.

Thanks to a rekindled business relationship with The Legendary Traxster and more of the fast flow that made the Speedknot Mobsta famous, F5‘s “Yellow Light” and “Yo Body” have been the honey to my green tea lately. With Twista’s ability to rhyme circles around 84-or-so BPMs, the impact of his unique delivery caters to breezy, snap-happy beats almost as well as the couple of able-voiced veterans he got to sing the hooks, Johnny P and Rob Kelly. And, even though the engineer was a little too Auto-Tuney, I believe both of these of sprays of symphonious scentiment would melt the airwaves if the opportunity were spun.

“Wetter” worked, right?


Twista Feat. R. Kelly – “Yellow Light” (Prod. By The Legendary Traxster)


Twista Feat. Do Or Die & Johnny P – “Yo Body” (Prod. By The Legendary Traxster)

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