Tyga Bought A $20,000 Egyptian Tomb Because #YOLO

02.24.14 4 years ago 28 Comments
Tyga's Egyptian Tomb


Despite going on record last year to reveal that he’s yet to receive one red cent in royalties from YMCMB, Tyga’s not hurting for cash. According to TMZ, the “Rack City” rapper spent $20,000 on an Egyptian tomb that’s being used as a prop for his new clothing store.

Sources tell us, Tyga spent more than $120,000 decorating the newly-opened Melrose clothing store called Last Kings — the tomb was just a drop in the bucket.

We’re told $100,000 went toward painting the place’s ceilings like the Sistine Chapel — and the remaining money went toward the tomb, as well as a bunch of other Egyptian-made Pharaoh-phernalia … like the black and gold guard statues … and sand.

Forbes recently profiled the 24-year-old rapper’s riches, placing him on their Hip Hop Cash Princes list. According to the pocket-watchers, Tyga’s hits have enabled him to gross over $50,000 a night when on tour, more than fellow cash princes J. Cole and A$AP Rocky.

Tyga Last Kings store


Tyga Last Kings store 2


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