Tyler, The Creator Directed This “Glowing” Video For An Anonymous Artist

10.30.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

tyler the creator glowing video

Leave it to Tyler, The Creator, operating under his Wolf Haley pseudonym, to direct a video like “Glowing.” Billed as a song by an anonymous artist*, there’s no rap to be found; just some hippie-dippie song, echoing the love that floated around in the decades before either Tyler or I was born. Trust, love, and the chronicling of a relationship are the star of the video, interspersed by pain, suffering, and all that is unfair and unjust in the world.

Like I said initially, leave it to Tyler to be the brains behind a concept like this.

* — Currently, the artist is listed as “Glowing” on iTunes but the press release says that whoever it is currently is signed to Harvest Records.

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