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Apparently, DãM-FunK doesn’t just do beats, he does music and that’s the difference.

Since I couldn’t say it as noble as Stones Throw’s philosopher of P-funk himself, all I’m left to do is pass along the music. Just doing my job, guys. Don’t get mad at me if you’re offended when DãM generally and legitimately calls out 90% of the current rap producers to conclude the sonically Roger-esque “I Dont Just Do Beats, I Do MUSIC!,” the first of two new Twitter-debuted leftovers from his highly-touted Stones Throw 5-LP debut, Toeachizown.

“All you motherfuckers out there thinking you genuises, making music on computer, and only computers. Motherfucker, play the Goddamn keyboard motherfucker. Don’t you know what this is? The forefathers are looking down on us. You taking computers and looping shit all the time and you ain’t even recording real music all the way through….”

He might have a point, but hey, every producer comes up in the game differently, and in the end it’s usually the money that’s leading the conversation.


Download — DãM-FunK – “I Dont Just Do Beats, I Do MUSIC!”


Download — DãM-FunK – “Visions”

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