“Do You Wanna Be In The Business?

07.15.09 9 years ago 25 Comments

“The ups and downs with the hoes (The Business)/Always gettin’ fronted on at shows (The Business)/People gotta stick their nose (In the Business)…” — ATCQ

Seeing this on a couple of other sites, I attempted to read the comments on each while I had some down time at work. First, it must be noted that to be on ABC News is a major accomplishment and the fact he managed to receive that honor speaks volume towards his talent and buzz. Overexposure? To an extent yes, but that’s what the media does so it really should come as no surprise. With that said, however, the majority of the internet has, like clockwork, turned on an artist (again) it praised as “the next one” once mainstream exposure arrived.

For the life of me, I’ve never understood how people can root for an artist until their vocal chords pop when he/she is “coming up,” but when said talent begins to receive national recognition, the instant defense mechanism/reverse psychology tactic is to say “they’re not making the same music they once did.” In some cases it may reign true, but in Drake’s case, it’s not. The quality of his music from 2006’s Room For Improvement to 2007’s Comeback Season to this year’s groundbreaking and potentially classic So Far Gone now puts him in an echelon of music not visited by many and possibly crowned rap’s next transcendent superstar.

For those who have/have not been a fan of Wheelchair Jimmy since the beginning, those words likely won’t offend you (and shouldn’t). However, if those words do agitate you, well then, we’ve found the correct shoe size.

Oh yeah, about the interview, Drake speaks on his relationship with his parents, some details regarding his deal, the pressure to release a “classic” everyone expects him to and, of course, being romantically linked to Rihanna.

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