Video: Erykah Badu Performs “Window Seat” Live On The Fallon Show

03.04.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Badu took to Fallon’s stage last night to perform “Window Seat” with The Roots playing the backbeat. From each lyric to the “need someone to clap for me” refrain at the breakdown, everything about this track is close to perfection. Now, enjoy the beauty of it now before urban radio fully latches on & browbeats us to death with it.

And here’s to hoping @FatBellyBella sets the trend and more women start rocking throwback Olivia Newton-John aerobics gear. Or did even she find her inspiration from American Apparel girl from the Oakland bus fight? Imagine the chick two cubicles over wearing a leotards to work? Wooohooo! Let the trend begin!


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