Russell Westbrook Continues To State His Case For The 2013 Dunk Contest

04.14.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

From the moment Kevin Durant tweeted the suggestion during the All Star break, I’ve been the biggest supporter of Russell Westbrook joining next year’s dunk contest. Put a $1M on the line and all but force Blake Griffin, Demar DeRozen*, LeBron James and his teammate, Westbrook, to compete in next year’s dunk contest in H-Town. Last night, the homie Nate Jones retweeted something saying The New Agent Zero had the dunk of the year with all due respect to everything B-Griff has done (Durantula later agreed). I’m not sure if that’s exactly the case, but his lob from K.D. was nothing short of ridiculousness.

Interestingly enough, the second most intriguing commodity from the clip is the announcer’s choice of words when describing the flush, “There are no words for how nasty these All Stars can be.” Not under the microscope another team always finds itself in the cross hairs of, how far this Oklahoma City Thunder team can go will be one of the playoffs biggest focal points. Westbrook and Durant are talented beyond words and when clicking account for one of the more unstoppable duos in recent memory. Yet, all it’s going to take is for RW0 making one ill-advised decision at the wrong time for the wolves dust off their soapboxes.

Funny thing is though, this one dunk accounted for more points than Skip Bayless averaged his entire senior year of high school.

* – I added DeMar myself. For selfish reasons only, I’d love to see him on the Clippers making them aeronautical team in NBA history.

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