A Kid Asks The $6M Question: Why Won’t LeBron Enter The Dunk Contest?

02.22.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Given a choice between my girl texting me “we need to talk” or receiving an e-mail from Sam with “LeBron James” in the subject line, about 90% of the time the former wins out. The reason for this is mainly because with the text, there’s a microscopic chance something positive may result. And by positive, I mean sex. With Sam and Bron, it’s never good. Ever. So you have to excuse me if my heart dropped to my stomach when Cadet sent a link out to the crew yesterday with this cryptic message:

Man, Justin Tinsley Jr. here is wise beyond his years. He’s got a heart full of hope too just like his dad.

Turns out, this is the coolest video in rotation on the net. I’d say cutest, too, but I can’t escape the feeling of Cam’ron and Chris Hansen bursting into my house with camera crews and chat logs. Anywho, this kid Solomon – contrary to popular belief, it’s not Justin Tinsley, Jr. I can assure you of that (I think) – pleads for LeBron to enter the dunk contest if for no other reason not to ruin his Saturday night. With the event on proverbial life support, Young Solomon speaks nothing but the truth. I, too, want to see James in the dunk contest even if his most notable dunk is that one-handed tomahawk piledriver. And truth be told, if he was going to enter, now would be the time. No disrespect to Iman Shumpert (the early favorite since he’s apparently incorporating, wait for it, Jeremy Lin into his act) Jeremy Evans*, Chase Budinger, Derrick Williams or Paul George (my early pick), but people aren’t exactly canceling plans this weekend to see them hopefully shock the world.

Also, like the pre-teen prophet pointed out, forget that “if I lose” mentality. People will still cop the LeBron 9’s, 10’s, 11’s and so on when they drop. If LeBron wins the contest, it’s all due to his star power and the fact the league set him up to win. If LeBron loses the contest, it’s just another log on the fire for his naysayers. That being said, whether you love the guy or hate the guy, if he’s in the slam dunk competition this weekend, you WILL tune in.

And if he can pull off “smashing the ball from half court, jump from the three point line, like do a windmill, between the legs, reverse” as my boy Solomon suggests, The King could have his first NBA championship come Saturday night. Just Do It, LeBron.


* – Reportedly, the Utah forward will be replacing Shumpert.

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