Kirsten Dunst Could Be Turning Japanese

02.22.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

I waited all day to watch this, got sidetracked and nearly forgot. Kirsten Dunst is one of those actresses I’ve always had a thing for. By all accounts, she’s a lush so that’s one plus in my book. We could probably party extra hard one night, I’d make sure she was lubed up off the finest ripple my money could buy and then I’d make my move, hoping she was inebriated enough for grown folk things to happen. I mean bad things (not this bad though). You laugh, but it worked throughout high school and college.

Oh wait. The video. Something about Japanese culture, director McG and artist Takashi Murakami. Nigo makes an appearance too. Ultimately, these are “the cool kids” from the Far East. And they prolly ran a jack on Kirsten. Whether the song, “Turning Japanese,” is actually about masturbation & O-faces or not is still a mystery. But I plan to sleep warm and it’s all thanks to seeing Kirsten in the “Sailor Moon” costume.

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