“2nd Round KO” – Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Hatton

05.03.09 9 years ago 26 Comments

Words By Jason Hortillas

Most agreed that the Pacquiao/Hatton fight was going to be a battle. Unfortunately for Ricky Hatton, the battle was in the hands of the other guy. Can I call Pac-Man “Canibus” now after his skilled “2nd Round Knockout?” When Hatton hit the canvas he remained motionless and for a couple of minutes I thought he was dead. Literally.

As the medical staff turned his head slowly I assumed a gurney was on its way. Hatton eventually got up on his own but obviously the British brawler was devastated. With his display, Manny Pacquiao made sure to remind everyone he’s the best pound for pound in this sport. Now, talks are brewing about a match against recently un-retired Floyd Mayweather Junior, but until then Pac-Man has the spotlight to himself.

BONUS — Before it’s removed, here’s video of the knockout punch.

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