When Mary J. Blige & K-Ci’s Tumultuous Love Story Went Live

02.18.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

An old head once told me, “A lot relationships are just like your favorite foods. Some may taste good. Some may be open whenever you want them. But a lot of them just ain’t healthy for you.”

This piece of advice also happens to apply towards all walks of life, music included. With Bobby Brown’s presence, or lack thereof, at his ex-wife’s funeral the unfortunate talk of the entertainment world at the moment, we’re reminded of the controversy that was his time with Whitney Houston as the generation’s most tumultuous celebrity union.

Their troubled and equally talented souls notwithstanding, we all know couples like this. The passion of the moment doesn’t reflect the patience needed for longevity. This no more truer than in Mary J. Blige and K-Ci. In 1993, the violently passionate performance of their duet, “I Don’t Wanna Do Anything Else,” on MTV Unplugged reverberated greatly.

The time spent on stage was a testament to where both were in life and the opposite directions both were headed. Mary, one of R&B’s fastest rising stars with a soulful voice drenched simultaneously in love and pain. And K-Ci, by far one of the signature deliveries of the decade, both church strong and street-corner sharpened.

There’s something about struggle and progress because without the other, neither would amount to much a damn. The clip below proves such. The students of Puffy’s industry tutelage put everything on front street for the world to hear, resulting in paramount moment in ’90s R&B history. Given the way Whitney and Bobby’s story came to a close, knowing the book of Mary and K-Ci never actually had the chance to complete writing itself, we’re probably all better off in the long run.

Times of grief produce lasting music, indeed.

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