Video: Michael Jordan’s “Last Shot” x NBA 2K10

11.15.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

The only man alive who can possibly feel Byron Russell’s pain would be Bill Buckner. He’s one of the few others I can think of who will never live down his one not-so-shining moment in sports history, having been maligned and defined by it. But hell, I’m of the understanding that Bostonians ultimately forgave Buckner, sharing in the misery until the Sox won a title and all were vindicated.

Russell though…we all just point and laugh while he continues to say he was pushed. I bet he only goes through doors where he has to pull to get in. Kindergarten classes in Utah don’t teach the little tikes about not pushing; they use posters of MJ & Byron Russell as a learning allusion. These days, I wouldn’t dare push dude. If he was standing in line ready to cross into the gates of heaven and someone pushed him, I bet that Byron wouldn’t go in. He’d turn around, sock the fool who pushed him and just march his bitter ass straight to hell.

Apparently, this YouTuber MessenjahMatt is pretty good with recreating scenes using video games. Right now, he should be laying low. I’m telling you, Russell’s watching and he’s fuming.


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