So Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady Walk Onto A Video Set…

09.30.10 7 years ago 31 Comments

People always tell me that works from yesteryear are better left untouched. Then some utter tomfoolery like this pops up and mercilessly smashes that theory. The flick starts off with a doo-rag-wearing Wayne Brady nurturing his Luster’s S. Curl while watching VH1 for the night cap. He’s pigging out as Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step I Take” video hits the screen while his girl nags him about eating late at night. Naturally, Wayne pays her no mind and dozes off into dreamworld.

It’s perfect chaos from there as Mike Tyson and a special guest join him in re-enacting Brown’s most popular flick. Stuff like this – from the outfits, the video chicks, to the steps – remind me that Brady is actually a funny dude. We ought to see more of that side shine through with clips like this. Tyson’s stumbling about is just the icing on the cake. And the third guy, well, you’ll see when you click play. Let’s just say I would’ve needed Life Call if he rocked the gumby fade again.

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