Video: Theophilus London x “I Want You” Studio Sessions

03.12.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Everything about Theophilus appears as the antithesis to Hip-Hop is supposed to be. That’s true. Even the name “Theophilus” doesn’t rightly fit the mold. In a way, I see the same curse befalling him that set people back from checking acts like Dam and SA-RA’s projects. They’re all just a little bit too far outside the lines of what’s expected from a Black musician and the cookie-cutter mold of what our artists are expected to present themselves like.

But it’s bigger than that. I’ve made it my duty to say tell as many people as possible the following: “Mark my words. Theophilus’ ‘Humdrum Town‘ will be played years from now because it has an underlying vibe and sound that transcends.” Repeat that everywhere you go. Then start adding in the whatever title he comes up with for the song in this video.

Here’s Va$htie’s take on what transpires in the clip below.

“Shot on a cold February night in Brooklyn, while Theophilus London was in the studio working on his new and highly anticipated mixtape simply titled, “I Want You”. friend and fellow musician, Dev Hynes, was also on hand for collaboration and laughs. i was on deck as well, making a cameo on a couple of tracks!”

Yeah, what she said.

All I know is this kid is making music. Melodic, hypnotic music that feels and sounds two steps ahead of what’s current, but with a firm sense of where soul music drew its first breathes. So if you can look past his choice in clothing, humorous mannerisms and accent, you’ll find a deep, warm groove. And there, you’ll find what’s next and what’s Fresh.

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