Trent Richardson Now Owns Senquez Golson’s Ankles

10.17.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

With South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore gone for the season and Oregon’s LaMichael James battling an ugly elbow injury, Alabama’s Trent Richardson stands alone as the country’s premiere tailback. And with one move in a blow win versus Ole Miss on Saturday, he officially has his “Heisman moment.” Breaking loose for what would eventually be a 76 yard touchdown, Richardson implemented one of the sickest juke moves you’ll see in a football game this year.

And what makes matters worse, Ole Miss’ Senquez Golson – who damn near signed with the Boston Red Sox – was a victim twice.

:01 – Pay attention to the bottom right of the screen. Golson’s preparing for a corner blitz. Remember this.

:06 – That damn corner blitz almost worked. Golson misses the tackle and from here it really gets good.

:07 – :15 – First and foremost, you have to give the freshman credit where it’s due. He never gave up on the play and watch how he chases Trent down humming the famous Negro spiritual “I’m almost there now. I’m almost there now…” made famous by the movie Blankman.

:16 – The aforementioned “Heisman moment” goes down and the only thing I could think was when Allen Iverson made a mockery of Antonio Daniels’ ankles.

:18 – The reaction says it all. All that was missing was the And 1 guy with the air horn.

Whether it’s a play worthy of being linked to the sport’s most prestigious award is up for debate. Here’s what’s not however. Saturday, November 5, Alabama and LSU square off in Tuscaloosa in a game that has direct national championship implications. If T.R. reenacts this play against a Tigers defense which has looked tougher than an episode of Beyond Scared Straight at times, Richardson will be making a very serious case for the Crimson Tide to have their second award-winning tailback in three years.

And Senquez Golson deserves an invite to New York if Richardson does.

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