Video: VH1’s 50 Cent Behind The Music

10.15.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

Probably the most enticing quality of 50 Cent’s Behind The Music special is its lack of pitfall. Where VH1’s storied series is renown for going into depth of the industry’s biggest stars and their descension, as well as their triumphs, Curtis Jackson really can’t count his losses since his 2003 official breakout.

Did The Massacre & Curtis live up to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’s standards? Please. Before I Self Destruct more than likely won’t either. But the extension of his branding still rakes in $$$. Do remember, he instilled that principle into Hip-Hop’s stratosphere. That is his claim to fame.

On a semi-related note, LOL @ WSHH utilizing the bandwidth to host this after Fiddy gave them this special shoutout.

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