Broke Vince Young Allegedly Spent $6K At T.G.I.Friday’s

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The fact Vince Young blew through his money doesn’t make him a bad person. One not in touch with the financial responsibility side of life, but not a bad person. However, for all the liquor in Vegas, and it’s really began to drill a hole in my head, I have no clue how the former Texas Longhorn once allegedly spent $6,000 dollars in a TGIF.

True story, there’s a TGIF literally 30 seconds away from my apartment. I go there quite often to watch football games. I know the bartenders. They know me. They hook me up with food and drinks and I pay it forward when it comes time to leaving a tip. Now the most I have ever spent in there at once was $42 and that included a swimming pool full of liquor and food. Also, keep in mind, this is the place which makes a killing off their three course meal for $16.99. So let’s try to break this down by the numbers.

— For $6000, Vince could have approximately brought somewhere in the range of 345 “3 for $16.99” meals. That’s 1,035 courses.

— Judge me all you please, but the Long Islands are anywhere between $3 and $5. So pricing on the high side, that’s approximately – give or take a glass – 1,200 LIT’s. There is no way even a small tribe of able bodied drinkers could survive this.

— Say Vince and crew were Henny drinkers. I know I’ve been given shots of the brown nectar for $4 if you go at the right time on Happy Hour. Young is a former National Championship winning quarterback and a professional football player. With a tab of $6000, that would equate to – and let’s even round up and say the shots were $8 – 750 shots of Henny.

All the numbers are complete guesses and more exaggerations than anything, and somewhat an extremely rough sketch of the lifestyle V.Y. was on at the time. The fast lane is enticing, addictive and any other sort of adjective used to define why so many get caught up in its lifestyle only to never truly recover from its effects. Now keep in mind, I completely omitted the story of he and LenDale White allegedly ordering 75 shots of Patron in the time it takes to watch one episode of The Cosby Show. Or when Vince reportedly wanted to be alone on a Southwest flight so he bought all the damn tickets. While it would be easy to laugh and crack (more) jokes, I’m always reminded of something my grandma always told me: “You’re always one bad day at the office from being homeless.”

For Vince, an ugly departure from Tennessee and a handful of awful stints with Philadelphia and Buffalo have the man who played in arguably the greatest college football game ever looking for work. I knew things weren’t going great for Young during a trip to Dreams in Houston earlier this year. Here I am, having the time of my life at a table, tossing back shots, getting lap dances and basically engaging in all the things V.Y. did when money grew like grass. The only difference was, when my allotted amount of cash was depleted, I called it a night.

Meanwhile, just feet away, there was Vince, in the corner, in the dark, with a drink in his hand looking lonely as all hell. The fall from grace is never an easy one. And a $6000 tab at a restaurant known for its Happy Hour is one that’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. You know, sort of like a STD.

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