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Flockaveli in this. Brick City Killuminati. You can shoot him with a shotty but you can’t kill him or his rap career. You hear that BET? YOU CAN’T STOP THE WAKAWACKWAKAWAKAWAKA movement (no Fozzie Bear). The game’s most controverted and controversial figure is ready to pack clubs and ER rooms with his customized brand of murda muzik. And he has plenty of visual evidence to convict himself and convince you to pick up the shell casings. FLOCKA!

What’s the golden rule? Don’t turn on the patnas and be ready to ride for your dawgs. Murda Man Flocka has his code of ethics as one of his #1 prioritites and don’t YOU forget it. If you down with the Brick Squad, you’re TTG (trained to go) shawty.

A hotel room, a bottle of Conjure and a black & white backdrop is all Flocka needs to show he’s “one hood ass n*gga.”

A certified anthem. Between Rosco Dash’s off-key brilliance, Wale’s dumbed-down intellect and Waka’s personality, the general rule of opposable thumbs does not apply here. Directed by none other than the Motion Family.


Cop: Waka Flocka Flame – Flockaveli

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